The Virtual Air Traffic Control System Command Center seeks to aid the online air traffic control organization, VATSIM. Our mission is to provide controllers and the virtual aviation community a web-based resource for the development of traffic flow management skills to enhance the realism and operational efficiency of the virtual airspace system. In the long term, a fully collaborative, cohesive, and cooperative air traffic network -- including virtual air traffic organizations (ATOs), virtual airlines (VAs), and other industry stakeholders -- is envisioned.


The vATCSCC Web Site contains various platforms for public and private communication. You agree to use these communication platforms for the sole purpose for which they are intended, which may include but not be limited to coordination of traffic management information, dissemination of sensitive operations information, or social/casual communication. Further, it is not the obligation of the vATCSCC to monitor any dissemination of information; however, it does reserve the right to review and/or remove any materials posted at its sole discretion.

vATCSCC has the right to disclose relevant and pertinent information with all applicable law enforcement agency or government authority at their request. vATCSCC also reserves the right to review, edit, and refuse such requests at its sole discretion.

The protection and safeguarding of sensitive information -- including but not limited to personally identifiable information (PII); official classified information; and sensitive operations materials -- is a top priority of vATCSCC. As such, it is very important that its members practice intelligent, safe, and secure management of their own information as well as that which is shared with them.


Any and all content on this website are for use with the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) and may not be used for real-world navigation or other aviation purposes and doing so could be a violation of federal law. The Virtual Air Traffic Control System Command Center (vATCSCC) is in no way affiliated with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the actual FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), nor any other real-world aviation body. By using this site, you also agree to hold harmless and indemnify the owners and authors of these web pages, those listed on these pages, and all pages that this site references (i.e., external links).


  1. DCC1
    • Director: Jeremy Peterson (DIR)

Director, vATCSCC

Official: dcc1@vatcscc.org

Alternate: director@vatcscc.org, nom@vatcscc.org

Home Facility: ZNY (EC/MTR/S3)

  1. DCC2
    • Deputy Director
  2. DCC3
    • Director, Training
  3. DCC4
    • Divisions Coordinator (DIV)
  4. DCC5
    • Webmaster (WM)
  5. DCC6
    • Director, Systems Operations
        1. DCC61 Director, NAS Operations (NASOPS)
            • DCC61S Directors, Strategic Operations (DSO)
            • DCC61T Directors, Tactical Operations (DTO)
        2. DCC62 Director, Surface Operations (SURFOPS)
        3. DCC63 Director, International Operations (INTL)
        4. DCC64 Director, Flight Services (FS)
        5. DCC65 Director, Operations Security (OPSEC)
  6. DCC7
    • Director, Technical Operations (TECHOPS)
        1. DCC71 Director, Facilities and Engineering (FE)
        2. DCC72 Director, Operations Support (OS)
        3. DCC73 Director, Navigation Programs (NAV)
  7. DCC8
    • Director, Special Operations (MILOPS)